An Epic Partnership

  28/07/2018 at 04:57 am

Contrary to the romantic notion of organic farming being a leisurely occupation, it actually takes a small army to run our modest little organic farm.

Luckily, a chance phone call from Epic employment services a couple of years ago has resulted in a wonderful partnership that is providing work experience and employment for a number of young people with disabilities.

Lincoln joined the team in 2018 and is the main man when it comes to watering and getting rid of aphids in the hothouse!

Lincoln is also an aspiring actor and is very happy to share his knowledge and thoughts about working at the farm on our Facebook videos.  

Rebecca completed a certificate in horticulture as part of her high school studies and built up her hours of practical experience by volunteering at the farm.

Her attention to detail meant she was perfect for work in the nursery. She had an amazing success rate growing seedlings from seed which takes patience, perseverance and a genuine care factor.

Rebecca is now thinking about further study in horticulture, and starting a home garden of her own to grow food for her family, and her pet guinea pig Petey!

For Epic, the farm is a place that offers genuine work and experience for those who prefer the outdoors to an office.

Our partnership with Epic is a win-win situation – our young team members are learning new skills, building their experience and earning a wage, and their contributions are vital to the smooth running of the farm.  We really couldn’t do it all without them. 

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Our team member Lincoln and Angie from Epic