Caught a cold? Try these immune boosting tips

  02/09/2018 at 00:37 am

You know the feeling.  Your throat’s a little scratchy, your nose is a bit sniffly, your energy levels are low.  It’s the onset of a cold…and always at an inconvenient time! 

But there are things you can do to help your body fight back and feel well again as quickly as possible.  Here are some of the things that seem to work for us.

Master tonic

Be prepared, and lay down a brew of this potent stuff to have on hand in the pantry.  There are various recipes online, but generally we combine a mixture of garlic, ginger, horseradish, and either fresh chilli or cayenne pepper in a large glass jar.  Cover it completely with organic apple cider vinegar.  Give it a shake and then let it sit.  The longer it sits, the better it is!  


Soup is one of the quickest and easiest ways to fill your body with nutrients. Simply add your favourite organic vegetables to a pot of stock, simmer till they’re cooked, and serve.  Using ingredients like garlic, ginger, sweet potato and shitake mushrooms will give you an extra nutritional hit. 

For fussy eaters who may reject certain vegetables floating in their soup, use a stick blender to make a smooth version and hide the offending evidence!


Some vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and zinc, are not stored in the body but are essential for our immune health.  By eating a variety of healthy foods you will absorb these nutrients naturally, but when you’re fighting a cold, it doesn’t hurt to increase your dosage with some high quality supplements. 

We also find olive leaf products can be effective if you get in early.

Clear the blockages

If your nasal passages are blocked, a neti-pot is a safe and effective way to clear your sinuses with lukewarm salty water.   It takes a bit of practice to get the head-angle right for optimum drainage, but once you’ve mastered it, you will love the results. 

A natural vapour rub massaged onto your chest and back can also help you to breathe a little easier.  Some people also swear that rubbing it into the soles of your feet will help stop coughing, especially at night! 


Manuka honey has unique antibacterial properties that are measured using different rating systems (UMF, NPA, MGO). The higher the rating, the more 'active' it is. A spoonful will deliver extra antibacterial power where it's needed. 

A warm lemon and raw honey drink can also be very soothing for a sore throat or cough. It will also set you up for a good night's sleep, which is so important when your body needs to concentrate its energy on inner health and healing. 

Soak it out

If you're lucky enough to have access to a bath, treat yourself to a long hot soak. Add some magnesium bath flakes and some essential oil for extra benefits. 


So next time you feel that unwelcome tickle in the back of your throat, attack it early with some of these natural remedies, and hopefully you'll avoid crashing completely. 

Wishing you excellent health. 

By Renee