Our organic farming techniques

  03/11/2018 at 01:02 am

Our certified organic farming techniques

Our organic farming techniques are all about keeping it simple and we have a 4 stage philosophy: Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Food and Healthy Environment

Step 1 - Healthy soils

There is an old wisdom in organic farming: feed the soil, not the plants.

Organic produce farming starts with the preparation of healthy, living soils that are full of life, including friendly bacteria and fungi that help plants to grow, and larger organisms such as worms to aerate and fertilise the soil.

Organic soil is rich in organic matter that provides an ideal growing environment for healthy plants. Returning organic carbon into the soil also helps to keep carbon out of the atmosphere reducing global warming.

Organic matter in soil comes from compost and mulch that can either be made onsite or bought, and through green manures - crops that are grown and ploughed in to help boost nutrients and organic matter. 

Nutrient enriched soils

Australia has some of the oldest soils on the planet and our soils can be depleted of nutrients compared to other countries. Good organic farming is not just about not spraying with poisonous chemicals, it is about creating food that is dense in nutrients that are available for plants to use.

To identify what soils needs, we have it analysed in a laboratory. We then add certain nutrients, along with compost and mulch, to produce a healthy growing environment for plants to grow.

Step 2 - Healthy plants 

Organic farming is based on the premise that health soils will produce healthy, strong plants, more naturally resistant to pests and diseases.

Plants like people need food and water. Instead of using chemical-based fertilisers found in conventional farming, organic farming uses natural fertilisers and minerals to feed plants during their lifecycle.  

Some of our fertilisers are based on products from the sea, such as fish and seaweed. Other fertilisers are mineral based and are designed to provide a broad spectrum of nutrients to support plant health. 

Our plants also love the juice from our worm farm. Our worms are fed on scraps from our kitchen and our packing shed, so it’s a great recycling system.

We apply composts and fertilisers to the soil either directly into the soil, or via our irrigation system once it has been diluted in water. 

Another technique used by organic farms to produce healthy plants is called crop rotation. This involves not planting the same crop in the same land each year, but rather rotating crops around different areas of land.

This helps to improve the quality of soil and reduce the risk of pests and diseases. 

Step 3 - Healthy Food 

In conventional farming, the fertilisers used can actually be quite limited because some plants don't need a wide range of nutrients to grow large and to look good. Many plants do however, need a wide range of nutrients to be truly healthy and to contain the vitamins and minerals important to our health. 

Organic farms that use a broader variety of minerals in their fertilisers produce healthy plants that are full of vitamins and minerals. The result is often called nutrient enriched food that has all of the vitamins and nutrients to support good health.  

Foods that do not contain residues of agricultural chemicals are of course better for you, as many of these chemicals have been proven to affect our health and support diseases such as cancer. 

Step 4 - Healthy Environment 

By not using poisonous chemicals, the risk of polluting the environment, including the soil and our waterways is greatly reduced.

Organic farming aims to support the environment by setting aside space for wildlife. The wildlife, including birds, wasps, spiders and lizards help on the farm by eating other animals that may damage crops, such as caterpillars. 

Some organic farms also aim to build a large ratio of organic carbon in the soil and this helps to reduce the carbon in our atmosphere which causes global warming. 

Nutrient enriched foods delivered to your door

Our goal in introducing our Brisbane certified organic home delivery service, our Sunshine Coast certified organic home delivery service, and our Gold Coast certified organic home delivery service is to provide good food and support good health. We want everyone to have easy access to certified organic and nutrient enriched foods and other products.

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Nutrient rich, certified organic food at Second Nature Organics


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By Len Costantini