Why buy from us?

There are lots of people selling organic produce and grocery items these days. So why should you consider our organic home delivery service?   

1. Because we are the farmers

We are not just online wholesalers or retailers. The money you spend with us is an investment in our farm and means we can continue to grow clean, safe, organic food for local people in South East Queensland. To offer our customers a comprehensive range we also supply a superb range of quality organic items from other certified organic producers - fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy, personal products, houshold and cleaning items, pet food and much more. 

2. All of our produce is certified organic

Certified organic means you can absolutely trust that your fruit and vegetables are grown without the use of chemicals.  For produce items our emphasis is 100% on freshness and quality. 

3. We sell our own certified organic produce at farm gate prices

We are passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of our local community and so we provide our own produce at great prices.  We try to keep the prices of the other products in our online store as reasonable as possible.

4. We provide employment and training opportunities for local people

Supporting us means we can continue to train and employ local people, including people with disabilities.

5. We are passionate about protecting the natural environment

Organic farming supports natural ecosytems and doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the environment.  We use unmarketable organic food to make our compost and feed our worms.  We avoid single use plastic packaging for produce wherever possible and our home delivery insulated packaging is recyclable. 

If you want to feel really good about your weekly grocery shop, and invest in local farming, local people and the local environment, please give our service a try. 

SHOP NOW and enjoy the beneftis of organics and the super-convenience of home delivery.