Brisbane Barn Weddings

  16/02/2019 at 09:53 am

If you are looking for an alternative wedding or special event venue, our Brisbane Barn Weddings venue may be an option for you. 

Want to escape the cookie-cutter options?

DIY motivated and keen to roll up your sleeves and create your own special theming and occasion?

Maybe we can help.

Barn weddings with a difference

Second Nature Organics at Narangba has a large rustic barn we can make available to like-minded patrons. It’s a venue that is truly out of the ordinary.

We have had a number of very special Brisbane barn weddings here on the farm.

Every event has been truly unique flavour, all due to the creative ideas of the couples and families involved.

From rustic chic to steam-punk country style, the barn has provided a perfect blank-canvass for some creative young couples.

Barn wedding facilities

The barn itself is spacious and open plan and has some existing infrastructure. This includes two stages, fairy lights, compacted granite floor, tables and seating, electricity, cold room and town water. There is also a small PA and microphone for speeches.

In addition to the barn itself, outside there are a number of picturesque, leafy areas for ceremonies.

As well as the barn and ceremony areas, there are some great locations for photography. Wedding photographers love shooting here as they have so many creative angles.

A DIY venue 

Our Brisbane barn wedding venue is not a formal venue as such, for example, with a restaurant and bar included.

Rather, we are first and foremost a working farm, that just happens to have a barn available to rent.

Therefore, our venue is suited to couples who do want to get involved in creating their own special event. Or, for those wanting to have someone theme and style their rustic wedding, this is ideal.

The theming, choosing caterers and coordinating alcohol and drinks, rubbish removal, pack-down and cleaning are all up to the organisers.

Previous couples have found overall, that taking a DIY approach to all this has saved money in the long run.

Previous events

This was the case for Brian and Sheena, who got married at the farm in a beautiful ceremony.

Brian, a wedding photographer, had seen a lot of weddings from which he was able to draw inspiration.

Their theming was clean, crisp and creative. Their event plan made the most of the barn’s styling for dramatic effect, keeping it closed until after the ceremony.

Use of native plants and candles for decoration and additional lighting added to the wow factor for guests on entry. 

The whole event was made more special by the way they contributed to making the space suitable for the occasion.

Prior to the wedding, they and their families participated in some working bees to make some improvements.

It was a great community feel, where their efforts left behind facilities that were then available for others. That was a scenario then repeated by other couples.

How it works

The barn is suitable to guests genuinely wanting a rustic venue with a DIY approach. If that is the case, we are happy to show people around.

As we are primarily a working farm, our venue is available on application. We do charge a rental fee that we are of course happy to discuss with interested parties, usually around $1500 - $2000 depending on how much assistance couples require from us. 

Overall, does works out favourably when compared for example, to hiring a council park and a marquee. A large marquee for example can be upwards of $7,500 to hire, along with hire cost for a council park etc. 

Unlike normal venues, the barn can be available days beforehand for preparations. Pack down and clean up can happen the following day. We encourage early starts and amplified sounds finish at 11.30 and patrons leave by mid-night. 

A Brisbane Barn Wedding hire-agreement is completed and signed. Full payment is required before the event. A $250 deposit is required and is refunded after the venue is handed back perfectly cleaned. 

Parties interested in our Brisbane barn wedding venue can contact us at:

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By Len Costantini