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The Farm

Second Nature Organics is a certified organic farm and home delivery service for fresh organic fruit and vegetables, organic groceries, organic meats, organic dairy, organic health products, and organic and eco-friendly cleaning and lifestyle products.

Our certified organic farm produces a variety of small crops including kale, silverbeet, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, eggplants and herbs.  You can get our organic produce online at farm gate prices because we are the farmers!  

We also work with Brisbane's best organic wholesaler to source the other products in our online store.

We chose the name Second Nature because we think it's only natural to be able to enjoy quality, wholesome food that is good for you. We are passionate about good food, good health and the natural Australian environment, and we love to share our passions with others! 


Mike and Betty Costantini

Second Nature Organics is now name of the farm that has been in the Costantini family since the 1950s when Mike and Betty Costantini settled in Narangba, just north of Brisbane.

Mike Costantini was born in the beautiful Abbruzzi region of central Italy and immigrated to Australia in 1952. Mike's roots have always been in the land and his vision has been for the farm to be a place where you can have a leisurely caminata (stroll) and always find something to eat along the way. He’s 91 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 70!

Betty Costantini has raised five Costantini children along with helping to run all of the various farming activities over the years. Betty helps run the Second Nature Organics nursery and maintains our beautiful mandala garden.

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Leonard and Renee Costantini

Leonard Costantini and his wife Renee are Directors of Second Nature Organics.

They built their home on the family property in 2007 and started the organic farm business soon after.

Their two children love life on the farm, especially living next door to Grandma and Nonno.

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Elicia O’Brien

Elicia grew up on her family property in Merriwa, near the Hunter Valley. Friendship with the Costantini family blossomed at the local day-care centre when their children were young, and it was only natural that she came to work at the farm a few years later.

Elicia manages most of the daily operations at the farm and is a partner in the home delivery service.  

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Disability and employment

We are proud to employ a number of people with disabilities at the farm, supported by local disability employment agencies. 

Our team members help with all sorts of jobs including planting, watering, weeding, seeding and driving. We couldn’t do it all without them!

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Throughout the year we host international visitors through the wwoof program (Willing Workers on Organic Farms).

We love the cultural exchange and are grateful for their wonderful contributions to our farm.  

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Find out more about our organic farming practices and other farm activities.